Resin Infiltration for White Spot Lesions

White spots on your teeth or your child’s teeth may be the result of several things. Fluorosis, which is caused by too much fluoride in teeth that have not yet erupted may be one cause. White spots can also be caused by poor oral hygiene or by orthodontics. Fortunately this issue is cosmetic and does not present any health problems. One way to remove those spots and improve the appearance of your smile is by resin infiltration. The treatment is painless and can be done in a single visit to our office. Our dentists will gently remove the white spots from the tooth by gently scrubbing it with pumice before adding resin to the area and carefully blending it into the surface of your tooth. There is no drilling required for this process, and no anesthesia is needed. You can restore the gleam to your smile with a visit to our office.

If you need treatment for white spots on your teeth, resin infiltration in Bend, Oregon, may be for you. Call Mill Point Dental at 541-388-0078 today to speak with one of the members of our team. Our dentists, Dr. Michael Longlet, Dr. Chelsea Longlet, and Dr. Eric Alston, will be happy to see you for an examination and make a treatment recommendation.