KöR Whitening

Predictably Exceptional Teeth Whitening in Bend, Oregon

Introducing KöR Whitening
Today, there are many ways to whiten teeth. Some are more effective than others. Yet one of the greatest frustrations people had with whitening systems was their unpredictability, longevity, and often, sensitivity. With these shortcomings in mind, we at Mill Point Dental went in search of a better whitening system. At Mill Point Dental, we are pleased to offer a teeth whitening system that will produce predictably, exceptionally whitened teeth. This system works where others have failed.

The Failure of Traditional Teeth Whitening Systems
For whitening gels to work, they need to be applied to the teeth for an extended period so it can diffuse thoroughly into the microstructure of teeth. Whitening gels used in conventional whitening trays contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which is the agent used to whiten teeth. The challenge, however, is that saliva destroys peroxide. Anyone who has used conventional whitening trays would agree that saliva gets into the trays during treatment, which causes it to only be strongly active for a matter of minutes.

Why KöR Works
KöR whitening trays were explicitly designed to seal saliva out of the whitening trays, providing hours of whitening activity (compared to minutes). KöR is optimally used while sleeping because that is when the body produces less saliva. The longer the teeth are exposed to bleaching factors, the more conditioned and permeable they become. This results in the breaking down of large stain molecules, so teeth whiten better than with other systems.

No lights or lasers are used. KöR also is the first system to require refrigeration. This is because whitening gels are unstable chemicals that can begin to degrade slowly at room temperature and more quickly in higher temperatures. This is why conventional whitening methods may provide less consistent results.

How Effective is KöR Whitening?
KöR can whiten teeth up to 16 shades or more. While everyone’s starting point is different, the results of the KöR whitening system is dramatic. It can even whiten tetracycline-stained teeth significantly, something not available in other whitening systems currently available. If you have been told that no bleaching system can fix your teeth stains, schedule an appointment with Drs. Mike and Chelsea Longlet. White teeth are possible for all with KöR.

Will KöR Whitening Cause Tooth Sensitivity?
KöR combats sensitivity caused by tooth whitening by utilizing a desensitizer to prevent issues before they occur. The desensitizer works by plugging the orifices of dentinal tubules, which are responsible for activating the nerves, causing pain. The desensitizer drops are applied before and after whitening for the first two days and then in the morning. After the first two days, you only need to use the desensitizer in the morning.

The KöR Whitening Process at Mill Point Dental in Bend, Oregon
We begin your KöR whitening journey by making a mold of your teeth so your customized KöR whitening trays can be fabricated.

During your next visit, you will receive your custom trays, whitening gel, a desensitizing gel, and instructions on the proper usage of the system. You will begin wearing your KöR whitening trays for two weeks while sleeping. Some people require a more extended at-home whitening session. Drs. Mike and Chelsea Longlet will advise the best treatment process based on your unique needs.

The next step may include an in-office whitening session. During this one to two-hour session, we will help boost your whitening results.

Once you have maximized your whitening results, you move to periodic maintenance. This step involves using the bleaching gel at home at regular intervals (usually once per month)

If you are ready to see just how white your teeth can get, schedule an appointment with Dr. Chelsea Longlet, Dr. Michael Longlet, or Dr. Eric Alston. During your appointment, they will talk with you about your goals for whitening and help you determine the best way to get you the results desired.