KöR Whitening: The Only Way to Predictably Whiten Your Smile

The epitome of a beautiful smile is white teeth. For hundreds of thousands of years, people didn’t brush their teeth. The ancient Egyptians and Babylonians used frayed twigs to brush their teeth! Dental disease was considered a national crisis during World War 1 because army recruits had such poor oral health. Thanks to the invention of Pepsodent by Claude C. Hopkins in the early 1900s, toothbrushing became mainstream. 

However, despite our best efforts at maintaining good oral care, eating and drinking foods with a high amount of tannins, like coffee and wine, and certain health factors and medications, white teeth can be tough to come by. The number one cause of teeth yellowing is lifestyle. But we don’t want to tell you to quit drinking coffee (because we’re not giving it up either). So what can you do? 

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Most of us are familiar with teeth whitening. You may have even gotten sucked into believing some of the hype about bleaching lights and lasers. But do they work? The answer is not really. 

As dental providers, we feel it is our responsibility to understand (and try) all of the options available for teeth whitening to help patients not fall victim to savvy marketing claims. Plus, we want to offer our patients the very best products and services currently available. Enter KöR Whitening.

Say Goodbye to Tooth Sensitivity

A common concern people have about most professional whitening gels is tooth sensitivity, which can cause pain when eating or drinking hot or cold substances. KöR whitening addresses tooth sensitivity head-on. The system uses a desensitizer to combat sensitivity issues. By applying a few drops of desensitizer before or after whitening, the dentinal tubules which activate the nerves are closed, resulting in decreased tooth sensitivity.  Adios, cold teeth!

Specially Designed Whitening Trays

KöR also has figured out a way to make the gel work better than any other on the market. You see, saliva destroys peroxide, which is the main ingredient in whitening gels. And dental trays don’t prevent saliva from entering. This means the peroxide in your whitening gel is only active for a few minutes! Less time means you need to whiten more frequently, and it also means your results aren’t very predictable. With KöR, the trays were designed to seal saliva out. You use KöR while sleeping, so you get many hours of exposure to the whitening gel, rather than the average half-hour most gels provide.

Up to 16 Shades of Whitening Wonderfulness

As mentioned earlier, health conditions and some medications, such as tetracycline, can cause permanent staining that was once thought to be untreatable. But with KöR, beautiful teeth are possible. The KöR whitening system can whiten teeth up to 16 shades or more! 

Refrigerated Whitening Gel? Yes!

If you’ve used whitening gels in the past, you probably keep your gel in a drawer in your bathroom. But with KöR, continuous refrigeration is required. This is because whitening gels are unstable chemicals. Once you expose them to room temperature, they begin to break down. The warmer the air temperature, the quicker the gel degrades. That doesn’t mean that you should grab your whitening gel and put it in the fridge right now. It was already exposed to heat (or room temperature) before it ever made it into your hands. KöR stays continuously refrigerated (yes it is shipped from KOR in a refrigerated box), so you can be sure your product is of the highest quality. 

If you’d like to learn more about the KöR whitening system used in our Bend dental office, schedule an appointment with one of our dentists. Once you decide to move forward, we will make a mold of your teeth so your custom trays can be designed. Then the fun begins! Give us a call and start your journey to a beautiful, healthy-looking smile.