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As a small child I had a terrible experience at a dentist's office and it stayed with me into adulthood. My dentist of the past 20 years never seemed to fully understand the nature and intensity of my anxiety, and so I found myself neglecting the health of my teeth, out of fear. I realized I needed to do something about this or I would lose my teeth and the pleasure of eating.

I telephoned several dentist's offices here in Bend who held themselves out as specializing in anxiety, and I phone-interviewed members of their respective staffs. In the end, and to my great happiness, I selected Mill Point Dental Clinic and Dr. Stone.

When I first visited Mill Point Dental Center the staff treated me respectfully, as an adult. They made me comfortable and related to me not as a weirdo with a psychological problem, but as a normal and valued client with a dental problem. They listened to me and came up with a plan that worked.

The first examination and cleaning, normally the worst problem for me, what with all those metal instruments clanking and scraping around in my mouth, went spectacularly well. I felt my grip on the armrests relaxing, and my whole body resting comfortably.

Dr. Stone immediately impressed me as a "Captain of Healing." She came across as personable, business-like, direct, caring, understanding, and eminently competent. I never for a second had a concern about the outcome of my visit.

The office itself has a wonderful ambiance of quiet competence and natural cheerfulness. Low sound levels, appropriate music, and caring, professional people. I felt so at home and safe there.

I look forward now to having good dental care, and enjoying my teeth and eating, for the rest of my life. Thank you, Mill Point Dental Center.

Using oral sedation made my dental procedure so much easier. I felt no pain and was very relaxed. I could respond to a question but in fact have no recollection of any smells or sounds that usually give me so much anxiety. The best part for me was not realizing I was in the dental chair for 3 ½ hours.

I would recommend oral sedation to any patient even if you don’t suffer from dental anxiety because it makes any complicated or lengthy procedure so much easier.
Belinda Alnassar

Wow! Today I had an enjoyable and amazing dental experience at Mill Point Dental Center. First, a little background…..35 years ago, I had extensive dental work done on most of my back teeth. Needless to say, I had a lot of “silver” in my mouth when the work was completed. During the last 35 years, I also spent 28 of them in the military. While the dental work was good, we didn’t always have the newest and most advanced technological developments available to us. Secondly, I don’t live in Bend, Oregon but was visiting when I needed to see a dentist. My fiancé, who does live in Oregon, recommended her dentist, Dr. Stone.

I had an 8 am appointment to have two of my old fillings replaced, I also needed a crown on a tooth where the old filling had deteriorated and the tooth was starting to fracture. Mill Point Dental Center just last week, purchased a top of the line Cerec machine able to construct a porcelain crown within 30 minutes after Dr. Stone finished prepping and scanning the tooth to be crowned. Since Dr. Stone had just completed a weekend of training and had already successfully completed two crowns the day before, she asked if I’d prefer to get my crown and one filling done verses replacing two fillings which was my original plan. I said, “absolutely!”

Dr. Stone and her assistant, “Gina,” worked together on me like a “well-oiled machine.” First they cleaned out the old filling and replaced it with a resin composite which perfectly matched the color of my tooth. Then they prepped the tooth to be crowned. Dr. Stone took careful measurements and fed the information into the computer of the crown milling machine. Of course, I had to get out of the chair just so I could watch the machine work. It was fascinating to watch them load a square chunk of purple porcelain into the machine and then observe as two drills working opposite each other cut a perfect crown for my back molar. The crown was placed in my mouth and a few minor adjustments made, then the crown was “baked” to match the color of my teeth, and within 15 minutes it was cemented in place and polished.

The entire process took just under two hours, I felt no pain during or after the procedure. I didn’t have to wait three weeks with a temporary crown while the permanent one was being made in an offsite lab. And please note, I only had to get numb ONE time. I was able to get an old filling replaced and a new crown in one day; I didn’t have to wait until I returned home to Virginia or come back for that matter! It’s now five hours after the dental work took place, I’ve already scheduled another appointment to get some of my other silver fillings replaced, I’ve eaten lunch and I’m sitting at a coffee house enjoying my day.

The other thing I found really impressive during my visit at Mill Point Dental Center, was the fact they have these really cool glasses you can wear and watch a movie with while they work. I had some other work done on my teeth in hygiene called root planing the week before, and these glasses really helped make the time go by fast! I must give the hygienist a compliment too; she was gentle, thorough, patient and informative. I learned a lot about dental health and hygiene!

I must say the attitude of Dr. Stone and the entire staff was extremely positive…I can’t remember the last time I actually laughed during a dental visit. The other positive aspect, I knew what my total cost was going to be before the work began. They called my insurance, gave me an estimate and billed them for me. Truthfully, I don’t normally write a comment about going to the dentist…..but this experience is worth sharing!

Addendum……It’s a week later….I’m in Virginia and my teeth still feel great! No pain and the bite is perfect! I can’t stop talking about that machine! My friends now want to try it.

Okay, it's 2 years later and the crowns and composite fillings Dr. Stone did on me are as intact and comfortable as if they were my own
Doc, Suffolk, Virginia

To Whomever it may concern about keeping their own teeth until the end, I would like to recommend Dr. Marika Stone for your tooth care. Going to dentists in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Illinois, Washington, Portland, Oregon and finally Bend, I have never been to a finer dentist than Dr. Stone. She does the job of caring for your teeth with precision and finesse that I have never seen before. She rates an A++ in my life-long experience. So if you want to retain your own teeth with the best of care, go to Marika Stone, DDS. Your teeth will thank you!”
From a tooth admirer Alice K (Science Teacher and Librarian)

My story is a little different. I've worked for a lot of dentists over the years, making dentistry my career. I've sat in a lot of hygiene and dental chairs and I can honestly say, I have never worked for a more dedicated, professionally trained and compassionate group of individuals. Mill Point Dental Center without question offers some of the finest care you will receive anywhere in the dental community. The treatment and equipment is state of the art, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the fees are reasonable and the care and followup is compassionate and prompt. I say this having retired a few years back and although I no longer live in Bend, I can attest to the quality care you receive at their office. Having visited other practices around the country, my appreciation and admiration only grows. For those looking for a thorough and satisfying dental experience, visit Mill Point Dental Center. You won't be disappointed.
Holly, retired Office Manager